• I trained ALL year for the Chicago Triathalon. So, it was inevitable that I would fuck up and injure myself days before the race. Because I was desperate, and deep down want to be like the Bravo Housewives, I decided I would give this place a call. It blew away my expectations!
    Colleen got me in ASAP, was very knowledgeable and patient with me as I could barley move. After my treatment I had almost immediate relief! She didn't try to upsell me or take advantage of my wallet, instead she helped me decide how to get the best bang for my buck. Even more impressive, when I came back the next day, she was fully engaged, remembered details about me and my injury, and was again there to help.
    My race was the BEST TO DATE! I KILLED/CRUSHED the MF'er and I owe it all to Andersonville Cryo! I came in after my race to find some relief and Glenn AND his super friendly dog was there, and more than happy to assist.
    Bottom line. My body has recovered faster than expected, EVERYONE is friendly (even the dog) and super helpful, and now I truly feel like a Bravo Housewife! Andy Cohen watch out, because I feel great and I am coming for Bravo!
    Ryan G.
    Chicago, IL
  • My first Cryotherapy experience was today, and oh boy was it good! I was welcomed by the lovely Charlotte (the adorable dog!) you can't beat that, and then Glenn (the owner) was very welcoming as well, everything was clean and organized, and the environment is very inviting.
    Glenn explained everything very well, and the Cryotherapy experience was exactly what I needed to speed up the recovery of my beat up body due to extended hours on the tennis courts.
    I felt refreshed and rejuvenated and loved every second of it, and I sure will become a regular at this place!
    Ezzat E.
    Atlanta, GA
  • I REALLY love this place. I have had chronic shoulder pain for 25+ years and I've tried everything under the sun to heal it. My massage therapist recommended Andersonville Cryotherapy and so I gave it a shot. I did spot cryotherapy first and the owner (Glenn) recommended I try 3 sessions of full body in a week to jump start my therapy. I really felt like he was giving me good advice so I went for it. I am so glad I did. I'm seeing relief for the first time in FOREVER. I sometimes do a combo whole body/spot. Glenn is so fabulous and really takes good care of everyone. He doesn't try to "sell" you but gives you honest advice and lets you decide. Also, the prices can't be beaten here. I'm so thankful I've found this place and couldn't recommend it more. I can't wait to try a facial!
    Martie E.
    Chicago, IL
  • What a wonderful experience, every time! Glenn, Colleen, Callie (and Charlotte ) are knowledgeable and friendly. We have had great response to the whole body CRYO and the compression. We are so glad we found them.
    Meg V.
    Orlando, FL
  • Glenn, Kelly and Colleen are so friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive to your needs. I highly recommend this place!!
    Julie B.
    San Francisco, CA
  • My first time! I was so scared, told Glenn right away, he was wonderfully calming and knowledgeable. Whole body cryo (I did it!). The entire experience was so positive and pampering and comfortable. My aching computer arms felt better and continued, I had amazing energy rest of day. Went back for cryo 2nd time, Glenn then sat me down for a compression demo - fabulous! I feel like I've turned a corner physically and mentally. Heading back to buy a package and a gift for a friend. I highly recommend! Easy, fast self care, sweet owner and doggie complete the healing.
    Michelle D.
    Chicago, IL
  • Glenn runs a top notch service. He's highly personable, engaging and passionate about what he does. He's well informed and listens to your needs. He wants you try everything he has and explains how to best suit your needs. He puts you at ease and makes you comfortable and at the same time makes you eager to learn more. It is a great service and business. Andersonville and the greater area should be thankful for this!!
    john C.
    Chicago, IL
  • I am addicted to the CryoFacials; they always leave me feeling fresh and my face rejuvenated! I've also used the Whole Body cryo treatment and found it extremely effective to getting me over a chronic back pain in a much shorter amount of time than it usually takes me; Glenn was super helpful in recommending an intensive two day/session treatment plan.
    A B.
    Chicago, IL
  • Coming to Andersonville Cryotherapy has been an amazing experience. I have been dealing with PF (plantar fasciitis) this year and am now recovering from a PF muscle rupture. I love coming to see Glenn and Charlotte (dog!). I am always greeted and treated with the warmest service. Spot cryotherapy + the normatec boots have significantly helped me and I am able to walk more comfortably just after a few treatments. I'm so thankful that AC is so close to where I live and I can come in for a short treatment and feel instantly better.
    M V.
    Chicago, IL